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  • Vintage Cupcakes and Quilted Nails

    I saw these absolutely gorgeous cup cakes a while back somewhere on pinterest and immediately fell in love with it. I wanted to get cupcakes like that for my sister's birthday. However, I couldn't find a place in Hong Kong that sell cupcakes like those. So, I thought I'll just put them on my nails.

    These gorgeous cupcakes are the work of The Creative Cake Academy.  Aren't they delicate?  You can check them out here: http://www.creativecakeacademy.co.uk/  They offer different cupcake/cake decorating workshops.  They are absolutely stunning!  I just went to check out their website and is totally awed.  The little cupcakes all look like a piece of art.

    Anyways, back to the nails.  It's my first attempt to do quilted nails by pressing on semi-dried nails. Please excuse the poor quilting work on my thumb and ring finger. I'll need to practice a few more times in the future to get it right.  I took a video of this at first, but I kept on screwing up and my camera ran out of battery.  This quilting thing drove me crazy.  At first, I tried to create the lines with a little piece of cardboard and failed to make straight even lines.  Then I asked Cho to do it for me.  It's really impossible for me to create these lines with one hand. Cho just took a piece of thread (she was sewing) and press it on my semi dried nails.

    What do you use to press on your nails for quilting?  Any easier methods?



    1. What a cute nail art! I think the design looks better on your nails than on the cupcakes cause let's be honest, who could eat those cupcakes?! xD I couldn't haha

      1. thanks~ i think the cupcakes look great...but honestly, i dun wanna eat them hahaha

    2. Love this design! I am in love with your nail pics! lol. Can't seem to stop myself from looking at all of your posts.



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